A Cry for Kelp is a podcast series that delves deep into the seaweed industry through interviews with its movers and shakers - be they entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, farmers, scientists or enthusiasts.Each episode focuses on a specific element of the value chain allowing listeners to build their understanding of what's happening in this fascinating, fast-growing industry.Add your email to be notified when each episode drops.

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Past Episodes

  • Ep 1: The Breeder - Petra Steenhoek from Hortimare

  • Ep 2: The Farmer - Kyla Orr from Kelp Crofting

  • Ep 3: The Methane Mitigator - David Lawson from CH4 Global

  • Ep 4: The Community Regenerator - Rob Passmore from the Biosphere Foundation

  • Ep 5: The Entrepreneur - Pierre Pasiler from NOTPLA

  • Ep 6: Alex Adrian of Crown Estate Scotland

  • Ep 7: Seaweed as a Bio Stimulant - Valentin Pitot from Kelp Blue

  • Ep 8: Ecosystem Services from Seaweed - Samantha Deane from the Kelp Forest Foundation

  • Ep 9: Seaweed as part of an ESG strategy - Laura Kelly from PWC

Upcoming Episodes

  • Series Two - Coming Soon!

Meet your Host

Nic Woodhams - an entrepreneur trapped in an army officer's uniform, joined the military to bring safety and security to the most vulnerable on our planet. He knows that without urgent action the climate crisis is going to hit these people the hardest.As an entrepreneur Nic understands how effective business can be as an engine for the rapid societal change that is required to combat the climate crisis. Seaweed is a climate game changer and Nic is going to give those businesses utilising this remarkable organism the exposure it deserves.

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"I'm looking forward to helping grow your understanding of all things seaweed"

- Nic Woodhams